bring it on, bridal showers!

wedding season is just around the corner and that means a lot of bridal showers are popping up! planning a special day for your best gal? here’s some fun and unique ideas to consider for your event!

questions to consider...

 what are some unique things about the couple?

do they love camping? why not serve “campfire food” as a tribute?
are they nerds to the max? consider incorporating some nerdery fun to the shower!
what do they share a love for?
what are some things that make this couple unique? take that and run with it! this will make the bridal shower special and memorable for your best gal, and unique and enjoyable for the rest of the group!


let’s be honest ladies, the toilet paper dress game is so overdone. it’s time to get some new games in the mix for guests and the bride to enjoy and laugh at!

he says, she says

source: a pair of pears

we now live in a social media frenzy…let’s embrace it! this is a fun game where guests have to guess who said what! take memorable social media posts from the bride and groom and create a game out of it! the guest that guesses the most correctly wins a prize. and remember, that prize should be tailored to something unique about the couple!

bridal jeopardy

 source: pinterest

source: pinterest

ime to play your best alex trebek! take three volunteers or create teams! this will help guests focus on the bride and groom and their love story coming together! a perfect game for a bridal shower and you can make it incredibly cute with just a poster board and some envelopes!

            question ideas:           where did the couple meet?
                                                how long did they date for?
                                                when was their first kiss?



most bridal showers are typically in the mornings, and this had led to a brunch-inspired menu. try to avoid that if you’re planning a bridal Shower if you’re looking to stand out OR make it unique by adding a theme to your brunch (pancakes and pajamas, anyway? i love you a waffle lot?)

some other creative ideas…

tailgate theme:

does the bride-to-be LOVE football? if this is something her and the groom connect on, GO with it!! fun, easy and super filling foods!

sources: pinterest

campfire theme:

maybe the couple is very outdoorsy and loves to go camping! this is a fun idea where you can serve s’mores, trail mix, hot dogs, etc. another easy option for you, and very cute turnout!

 source: evermine

source: evermine

fiesta theme:

 taco’bout LOVE! if the bride fancies all things tacos and burritos, consider a taco and margarita bar rather than a brunch and mimosa bar. you can easily decorate to make it a fiesta and add a piñata and you’re solid!

 source: pretty mayhem

source: pretty mayhem

we hope some of these ideas sparks your imagination and you throw the perfect bridal bash for your number one lady! as always, we design, plan and coordinate so much more than just weddings! if you need a helping hand in the process, contact us now for a free consultation! we customize our packages to meet your needs.

bring on those bridal showers!

Kevin & Sydney

I knew right after we finished our initial consultation that Kevin and Syd were my kind of people. Laid back, fun and excited to share their special day with all of the people they love. I could barely hold back my excitement when I heard they were going to say I do at the amazing Oxford Hotel in downtown Denver. I have been in love with this venue ever since me and my gals made a pit stop there for my Bachelorette Party 4 years ago to hear about some of its ghostly visitors (enter comment about what a weird Bachelorette Party that is here!)

Just the architecture of this venue will have your jaws on the floor and I can’t imagine a better couple to have enjoy it! From the daily bourbon happy hour to the old fashioned check in desk complete with real room keys, every piece of this building will have you feeling like you have stepped back in time. 


Dress: Little White Dress - Denver, CO

Kevin and Syd splurged on the honeymoon suite not only for their special night but for the day of also so Syd and her girls could get ready in style. Simply stunning!

The island touches throughout this day gave nod to how Kevin and Syd met, scuba diving in Roatan, Hondorus! They made it a point to make sure this special place was highlighted during each part of the day. 

I am a sucker for an emotion filled first look. These two could not wait to see each other! If you were not in love with the Oxford already, this grand staircase should do the trick!

I always say you can tell a lot about a couple based on the people they choose to stand next to them on their wedding day and if I had to categorize this group in three words they would be: READY. TO. PARTY. 

Does it get any more Denver than this photo!? This was the most beautifully sunny October day which allowed for some awesome outdoor photos!

I could not have dreamed up a better ceremony for these two lovebirds! Market lighting + string quartet = MAGIC!

I am still dreaming of this ballroom. It was the perfect room for Kevin and Syd's 80 guests and there was A TON of dancing room! 

Floral and design: Pink Posey Design 

Catering: McCormicks & Schmicks 

I think I was more sad than the bride and groom to see this special day end! Kevin and Syd, you are made for each other! Thank you for letting Selcouth Events be a little part of your love story! 

All photos courtesy of Katie @ Elevate Photography.

Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017!

2017!? It just can’t be! 2016 was a crazy and eventful year for Selcouth and our families! We knew we wanted to end it with a bang and celebrate everything we were able to accomplish this past year! In true Selcouth fashion, we decided on a party! What better way to end one year and ring in a new year than gathering up a great group of friends, some tasty snacks, throwing in some good tunes and to top it off, a snazzy photo booth! We had such a blast and could not wait to share the details with you.

The end of the year is often so hectic and packed full with events. We wanted to make sure every one of our guests could attend so we decided to throw our end of year bash between Christmas and New Years Day. We made the right choice because we had a full house and we did not have to worry about our guests having to rush out to another holiday party on the same night! Brilliant! 

We are still swooning over these festive pomegranate champagne cocktails! They were so tasty and even more beautiful to look at!

What is a cocktail party without a beautiful charcuterie plate? We are new to these but I would say we nailed the first try! 

Our mouths are still on fire from our very own Megan’s famous green chili dip. We also can’t get enough of her handwriting on these place setting cards! 

Holiday perfection all wrapped up in one plate! The gold polka dot serving ware though!? To die for! 

Our favorite part of throwing this party between Christmas and New Years was being able use both holiday and New Year’s decor! We love this combination for greenery and gold rimmed wine glasses!

We were so sad to see this party come to an end but the good news is everything you see here we have available to rent for your next party! You know where to find us for more information!

We are so excited for what 2017 has in store for Selcouth Events. Thank you all for joining us on this journey and we look forward to the planning to come this year! 

From our families to yours, Happiest New Year! 

'tis the season...

well, folks? it's december. the busiest month of the year has arrived and the holiday parties have begun! how can your holiday party stand up to the test? see some of our fun ideas to make your party a holly jolly time!

signature cocktail.

this is your perfect opportunity to incorporate the holidays into your cocktail. try a classic cocktail with a wintery twist. see some of our favorite ideas below:

pomegranate mimosa: the perfect fizz to make your party merry and bright, and a beautiful color for the holidays. this drink will win over the crowds! tap picture for recipe.

white chocolate snowflake martini: you had me at martini. and white chocolate. this drink is perfect for a group of ladies! love how you can incorporate the winter season with this snowy drink!

gift exchange.

sick of the typical "secret santa" gift? why don't you try these unique gift exchange ideas!

favorite things white elephant gift exchange: have every person bring one of their "must-have-can't-live-without" favorite item (think of make-up products, coffee mugs, blankets, etc.) and exchange it with a white elephant style. this way every person is happy and gets to learn about new awesome products! you can do this with men and women, but if you get a gender-specific gift, make sure to mark it! 

december dice game: have every guest bring a gift to exchange (wrapped) and play this fun dice game to see who ends up with what item!


see a few of these crowd pleasers that will be sure to get everyone feeling festive and fun!

dress the part: why don't you add a theme to the party whether it be ugly sweaters, christmas movie theme, christmas jammies, or a fancy cocktail attire--having a dressed theme adds a whole new element to a holiday party!

photobooth: you just can't go wrong with a photobooth! a perfect addition to any party, guaranteed to please any crowd!

and of course....


of course you need to add some style to your party, here are some fun ones!

keepin' it neutral: a simple way to deck your halls! we love this sweet snowflake look for a classy get together. best part? it's cheap to make!

gold glimmer: gold is in and isn't going anywhere! sparkle trees, tulle and some christmas lights adds a whole lot to the look of this style!

remember, the holidays are all about getting together and celebrating with loved ones. don't stress! if you need help with your holiday party plans, you know where to find us. 

the perfect ending!

I was inspired this week by a lovely Selcouth couple who decided that they did not want all of the fun to end as soon as the DJ stopped playing music on their wedding night! They wanted their wedding weekend to end with a bang and it got me thinking! Why not continue the fun the day AFTER the wedding? The big day always seems to steal a lot of the attention (and rightfully so) and even the days leading up the wedding day have special moments (manicures, 9 holes, a rehearsal dinner!). It is time we give the day after the wedding a little lovin’! Check out these fun ways to keep the fire burning after the party is over!

Day After Photo Shoot

Selcouth couple Kevin and Sydney tied the not last month and they ended their fabulous wedding weekend with a day after photo shoot! This couple really wanted to spend as much time with their friends and family that they could on the day of their wedding so they saved the bride and groom photos until the next day! Plus Sydney got to wear her gorgeous dress again! Major plus: Their precious pup got to join in on the fun! More on this super fun couple's big day to come!

 Dress courtesy of Little White Dress - Denver, CO

Dress courtesy of Little White Dress - Denver, CO

 Photos courtesy of Elevate Photography - Denver, CO

Photos courtesy of Elevate Photography - Denver, CO

Game Day

What better way to send off your friends and family back to reality than a game day! Everyone can finally relax now that they pressure of the big day is behind them...and we all know exercise is a great stress reliever (exercise releases endorphins, thanks Elle Woods)! Another benefit? There is no better hangover cure than a day of competition with your bests!


Brunch is the best of both worlds. One: you get to sleep in, and two: you get mimosas. Does it get any better than that? Make it extra special by inviting the guests who made the trek into town to see you. They will love the chance to chat in a less formal and much less hectic environment!

Spa Day

Really!? A spa day AFTER the wedding?! YES. Let me paint a picture for you: A spa day where you actually get to relax and not worry about a dress fitting, a DJ showing up or crazy Aunt Terri dancing on the buffet table. Now THAT is a day of pampering! Extra bride points goes out to the ones who invite their new husbands along! 

Give Back

It is easy to get caught up in the perfection that is your wedding weekend. Gather the troops the day after your wedding to do something good together. Not only will this give you the chance to spend more time with your friends and family, it will also give you and your hubby some time to reflect on how lucky you both are! Check out a few organizations who can always use helping hands!

While all good things must come to an end, there is always a way to send it out with a bang! I shall call that moment when you and your groom finally get a second to realize that your special day has come to an end “wedding withdrawal”. My fix: Plan some day after wedding events to make it a week long celebration!

recap: totally excellent fundraiser

i had the pleasure of teaming up with some awesome and talented friends to throw a fundraiser event for our friends, ben and cyndi meszaros. you can read about their story here: 

when we started throwing around ideas of hosting some kind of party in their benefit, my original idea was an 80's prom because there wouldn't have to be a whole lot of work to put into it and the costumes would be HILARIOUS. i pitched it to a few friends, and some of the feedback received was that maybe an overall 80's party had more options for those who didn't want to dress up or go buy something to attend. 

once the planning committee met up (kassie scribner, raychel bozich, maggie faber and myself!) we just started spitting out ideas: easy snacks (thank you, 80's cheese puffs!), an 80's montage of movies played through projector, a photo booth with the classic 80's prom balloon arch, silent auction, raffle, nintendo console games, DANCE PARTY etc.

i was a little bit nervous because we didn't have another planning meeting after this one, everything was done by emails and individual efforts and trips to the DI. i have to say, my overly organized brain was stressing out a bit about the lack of meetings we had and yet, the day of the event, everything came together perfectly!

here are a few ways we made this "party" into a fundraiser:

  • $25 tickets to get in
  • raffle tickets for purchase (huge shout out to underbelly creative for buying some AMAZING raffle prizes so people were buying tickets like crazy!)
  • a silent auction where soooo many local businesses donated some awesome stuff we could use
  • a song request hour: people could put in their song requests with our DJ but only if you paid some dolla-dolla-bills.

we had friends pitch in to help buy and make food, booze (including delicious home brews ON TAP by steve merrigan and joey henderson), and volunteer for different shifts like check-in, set up, DJ and MC! it was an amazing event and we pulled it off in such a short time. the grand total raised for ben and cyndi was just shy of $5,000! 

venue: super top secret advertising agency
food: cheese puffs, cheese whiz, chips, veggie trays
drinks: kool aid, spiked punch, regular punch, 3 different home brews on tap
photobooth: balloon arch created by kassie scribner with the help of raychel bozich and amy merrigan ; set up with ipad
decor: so many treasures from DI, records and games, cabbage patch dolls, neon dominoes
dollar store/zurchers party store for bracelets and rubiks cubes, streamers and table cloths
movie montage: borrowed projector from the rock church, and a white sheet from a friend. found montage via youtube
silent auction: collective effort of asking friends and local businesses around town
invitations/social media/signage: lady scrib design and embroidery
photography: the aperture company

huge thank you to everyone who was a part of this and who attended this event. it was so much fun to be a part of, and a nice change of scenery from the weddings. :) if you ever want to team up for an event, contact the team here at selcouth events. check out photos by the aperture company below!

vendor spotlight: lady scrib design & embroidery

we are lucky enough to work with some amazing people and businesses. today we want to feature a dear friend of ours, kassie scribner, the owner/creator/designer of lady scrib design & embroidery! she can help add personal touches to the event your planning, whether its custom signage, menus, invitations or decor!

see our interview below and some pictures of her awesome work!

tell us a little about your biz:
I’m the one and only lady working this little business, and I love it oh so much! I am a graphic designer who specializes in lettering, signage, invitations and embroidery! I do everything from one off event branding to weddings, to making beautiful hoops to hang in your home. 

how and when did you get interested in your field of work?
I went to school in LA studying design, and I’ve been working professionally in the graphic design field since 2008.  It wasn’t until the last four years that I have really found my passion. I started out as a letterer only, and realized I had to find my niche. After trying tons of different things, I realized that I should go back to 5th grade when my Grandma taught me how to embroider. That’s how Lady Scrib Design & Embroidery was born! I wanted to do something that took me away from the computer and being able to do something with my hands. After starting down that path, I’ve been able to work on so many amazing projects with some stellar clients, and I’ve never been happier in my career!

what's your favorite thing about weddings?
Oh boy, can I say everything? Haha! I’d have to say my favorite thing about weddings is being able to see the couple’s personality shine through the entire day. Be it custom vows in the ceremony, to seeing how they chose to set their tables and if a special theme was involved. It just makes my heart so happy to see couples celebrating what makes their relationship special!

what's your favorite element of the work you do?
I love working on everything, but my two favorite things that I do for weddings is my custom signage, and embroidery. They might seem like simple elements, but they can add so much to the look of your wedding!

ideal vacation destination:
Right now, I REALLY want to go to Japan with my amazing husband. I would love to experience their culture, the beauty of the country, and the food. Oh…the food. 

what types of services do you provide related to weddings and events:
I currently offer: custom invitations (wedding, bridal shower, baby shower, parties, etc), day of print-outs (menus, programs, table numbers, etc), signage for the ceremony and reception, to making custom place cards and hoops! If you don’t see something on this list that you would want, Im always ready to talk about what I can help create.

can you provide your services for those outside of Utah?
Yes! I most certainly can.

do you like Winter or summer Olympics better?
Winter Olympics all the way! I’m still hoping for the Olympics to get brought back to SLC. 

favorite type of cheese:
Fromager d’Affinois. Here’s a tip. Cut a little roll in half, spread some of this amazing cheese on it, and then top with roasted tomatoes in olive oil. Hands down one of the best and most simple snacks.


contact info:
Kassie Scribner


out with the old and in with the new: engagement announcements we love!

It happened! That perfect man of yours got down on one knee and asked you to make a forever. Now what?! Your bridal instinct kicks in and makes you want to shout it from all the mountain tops, to show off that beautiful ring on your perfectly manicured finger! The second best part of this very special moment (next to actually saying YES!) is when you get to let all of your friends and family in on what just happened. 

Long gone are the days of the old fashioned phone call or text to tell your squad the good news. We are obsessing over these new and improved ways to announce your engagement that will have all of your favorite people swooning over the moment for years to come!

Including your family pet (my fave!)

Nothing shows off your new family like making sure the WHOLE family is included!

Engagement videos

While we love a precious engagement photo shoot, nothing beats sharing the good news on video! We just can not get enough of this perfect engagement video courtesy of Finding Muchness Films. 

Incorporating a hobby

What better way to spread the news than with a picture of what brings your and your future hubby together! (Hint, hint: this one will get your fiancé involved in a heartbeat!) 

Taking advantage of the season

Can you say pumpkin patches and Christmas lights!? Adding a seasonal flair to your announcement will surely make for great holiday cards!

Adding some personality

After all, this announcement is the beginning of your wedding journey. Add a little pop of what makes you, you!

favorite fall trends

can you smell it? the crisp in the air? the apple cider steaming? fall is arriving and i couldn't be more excited about it. fall is my favorite season, and i think autumn weddings are the most beautiful of all. if you are a bride-to-be who is tying the knot in the fall months, take a look at some of these gorgeous ways to incorporate autumn into your wedding! you may just FALL in love with them! <3


this caramel apple bar is the sweetest! unique, fun, simple and completely perfect for fall!


i love how this simply dressed cake looks absolutely stunning with the deep colored flowers on it. it's classy, elegant and definitely has that "autumn" feel!


how unique is this?! the blue hydrangeas with the twigs in there too give me flutters! the wine barrels just top it all off. i want to be there.


ok, ok. i'm in love with this bouquet! love all that it steers away from traditional fall colors of orange, yellow and brown and keeps it soft with pops of blue. (blue is my new favorite i guess??)  


now this plum and thyme prosecco is *almost* too pretty to drink. almost. ;) 


if you're not a prosecco fan, why not offer this bourbon and spiced pear cocktail. this drink is just as pretty, i am swooning over here... 


now i'm busy daydreaming about fall weddings. if you have an upcoming autumn wedding and have not yet hired a day-of-coordinator, now is the time! shameless plug here (after all, it is our blog!), selcouth events offers a day-of-coordination package that you will not want to pass up. contact us today for our pricing. 

four often forgotten questions to ask your potential vendors

Jumping into the world of choosing your wedding vendors is a scary one filled with decision after decision after decision! It can be a daunting task yet it is an important one! Even if you are choosing a vendor based on a referral from a friend or family member-- it is important to ask the right questions when meeting with vendors to ensure they are the perfect fit for your event. 

Most of us feel like we have the basics down when it comes to interviewing a potential wedding vendor. We ask the typical questions like "are you available to provide your services on the day of my event?" and "how much does your service cost?" While these details are important to discuss with a vendor, there are many questions that are often skipped over during these interviews that can really shape the outcome of your event. Be sure to add these four forgotten questions to your list!

What sets you apart from other vendors in your area? I love this question because aside from the details of price, location and availability-- you want to choose vendors who share your vision for your event. Ask them how they started working in their field and what they like most about their jobs. You will be amazed at how much easier it is to choose a vendor once you hear their answers to this question! 

How can you adjust your services to fit into my budget? Let’s face it, you will most likely want to meet with at least one vendor who is a little out of your price range because you never know! There is never any harm in asking what can be done on their part to fit their services into your budget. Maybe it is serving hors d’oeuvres instead of a full sit down dinner or creating smaller floral arrangements that still fit your style. It doesn't hurt to ask!

Am I able to see referrals or speak to past clients of yours? Referrals or references are one of the easiest ways to decide if a particular vendor is the right fit for your event. When reading through or speaking with referrals, ask yourself, “does this event resemble how I want my event to run" and "is there any part of their event that they would want to change if they could?" When it comes to wedding vendors, they more access to referrals, the better!

What is your back-up plan? We often discuss a back-up plan when it comes to the wedding venue. If it rains, we will go inside or if the groom is late, we will push back the timeline for pictures. But this important question is often skipped over when meeting with other vendors such as caterers, rental companies, florists and any day-of wedding help. Be sure to touch on what happens if the vendors are ill the day of the event, have a family emergency or even get stuck in traffic. Do they have a second contact person available in this case? Not only will this question give you peace of mind about who you are choosing to assist with your event, it will also help you to clarify any cancellation policies of the vendor!

There are so many details to remember throughout the wedding planning process! Nothing will put your mind more at ease than knowing you put in your homework while booking vendors. Don’t be scared to ask the tough questions to ensure you choose the best team of people for your event!

As always, a wedding planner is a great resource to help you walk through this process and help you remember the details you may skip over!