recap: totally excellent fundraiser

i had the pleasure of teaming up with some awesome and talented friends to throw a fundraiser event for our friends, ben and cyndi meszaros. you can read about their story here: 

when we started throwing around ideas of hosting some kind of party in their benefit, my original idea was an 80's prom because there wouldn't have to be a whole lot of work to put into it and the costumes would be HILARIOUS. i pitched it to a few friends, and some of the feedback received was that maybe an overall 80's party had more options for those who didn't want to dress up or go buy something to attend. 

once the planning committee met up (kassie scribner, raychel bozich, maggie faber and myself!) we just started spitting out ideas: easy snacks (thank you, 80's cheese puffs!), an 80's montage of movies played through projector, a photo booth with the classic 80's prom balloon arch, silent auction, raffle, nintendo console games, DANCE PARTY etc.

i was a little bit nervous because we didn't have another planning meeting after this one, everything was done by emails and individual efforts and trips to the DI. i have to say, my overly organized brain was stressing out a bit about the lack of meetings we had and yet, the day of the event, everything came together perfectly!

here are a few ways we made this "party" into a fundraiser:

  • $25 tickets to get in
  • raffle tickets for purchase (huge shout out to underbelly creative for buying some AMAZING raffle prizes so people were buying tickets like crazy!)
  • a silent auction where soooo many local businesses donated some awesome stuff we could use
  • a song request hour: people could put in their song requests with our DJ but only if you paid some dolla-dolla-bills.

we had friends pitch in to help buy and make food, booze (including delicious home brews ON TAP by steve merrigan and joey henderson), and volunteer for different shifts like check-in, set up, DJ and MC! it was an amazing event and we pulled it off in such a short time. the grand total raised for ben and cyndi was just shy of $5,000! 

venue: super top secret advertising agency
food: cheese puffs, cheese whiz, chips, veggie trays
drinks: kool aid, spiked punch, regular punch, 3 different home brews on tap
photobooth: balloon arch created by kassie scribner with the help of raychel bozich and amy merrigan ; set up with ipad
decor: so many treasures from DI, records and games, cabbage patch dolls, neon dominoes
dollar store/zurchers party store for bracelets and rubiks cubes, streamers and table cloths
movie montage: borrowed projector from the rock church, and a white sheet from a friend. found montage via youtube
silent auction: collective effort of asking friends and local businesses around town
invitations/social media/signage: lady scrib design and embroidery
photography: the aperture company

huge thank you to everyone who was a part of this and who attended this event. it was so much fun to be a part of, and a nice change of scenery from the weddings. :) if you ever want to team up for an event, contact the team here at selcouth events. check out photos by the aperture company below!