the perfect ending!

I was inspired this week by a lovely Selcouth couple who decided that they did not want all of the fun to end as soon as the DJ stopped playing music on their wedding night! They wanted their wedding weekend to end with a bang and it got me thinking! Why not continue the fun the day AFTER the wedding? The big day always seems to steal a lot of the attention (and rightfully so) and even the days leading up the wedding day have special moments (manicures, 9 holes, a rehearsal dinner!). It is time we give the day after the wedding a little lovin’! Check out these fun ways to keep the fire burning after the party is over!

Day After Photo Shoot

Selcouth couple Kevin and Sydney tied the not last month and they ended their fabulous wedding weekend with a day after photo shoot! This couple really wanted to spend as much time with their friends and family that they could on the day of their wedding so they saved the bride and groom photos until the next day! Plus Sydney got to wear her gorgeous dress again! Major plus: Their precious pup got to join in on the fun! More on this super fun couple's big day to come!

 Dress courtesy of Little White Dress - Denver, CO

Dress courtesy of Little White Dress - Denver, CO

 Photos courtesy of Elevate Photography - Denver, CO

Photos courtesy of Elevate Photography - Denver, CO

Game Day

What better way to send off your friends and family back to reality than a game day! Everyone can finally relax now that they pressure of the big day is behind them...and we all know exercise is a great stress reliever (exercise releases endorphins, thanks Elle Woods)! Another benefit? There is no better hangover cure than a day of competition with your bests!


Brunch is the best of both worlds. One: you get to sleep in, and two: you get mimosas. Does it get any better than that? Make it extra special by inviting the guests who made the trek into town to see you. They will love the chance to chat in a less formal and much less hectic environment!

Spa Day

Really!? A spa day AFTER the wedding?! YES. Let me paint a picture for you: A spa day where you actually get to relax and not worry about a dress fitting, a DJ showing up or crazy Aunt Terri dancing on the buffet table. Now THAT is a day of pampering! Extra bride points goes out to the ones who invite their new husbands along! 

Give Back

It is easy to get caught up in the perfection that is your wedding weekend. Gather the troops the day after your wedding to do something good together. Not only will this give you the chance to spend more time with your friends and family, it will also give you and your hubby some time to reflect on how lucky you both are! Check out a few organizations who can always use helping hands!

While all good things must come to an end, there is always a way to send it out with a bang! I shall call that moment when you and your groom finally get a second to realize that your special day has come to an end “wedding withdrawal”. My fix: Plan some day after wedding events to make it a week long celebration!