four often forgotten questions to ask your potential vendors

Jumping into the world of choosing your wedding vendors is a scary one filled with decision after decision after decision! It can be a daunting task yet it is an important one! Even if you are choosing a vendor based on a referral from a friend or family member-- it is important to ask the right questions when meeting with vendors to ensure they are the perfect fit for your event. 

Most of us feel like we have the basics down when it comes to interviewing a potential wedding vendor. We ask the typical questions like "are you available to provide your services on the day of my event?" and "how much does your service cost?" While these details are important to discuss with a vendor, there are many questions that are often skipped over during these interviews that can really shape the outcome of your event. Be sure to add these four forgotten questions to your list!

What sets you apart from other vendors in your area? I love this question because aside from the details of price, location and availability-- you want to choose vendors who share your vision for your event. Ask them how they started working in their field and what they like most about their jobs. You will be amazed at how much easier it is to choose a vendor once you hear their answers to this question! 

How can you adjust your services to fit into my budget? Let’s face it, you will most likely want to meet with at least one vendor who is a little out of your price range because you never know! There is never any harm in asking what can be done on their part to fit their services into your budget. Maybe it is serving hors d’oeuvres instead of a full sit down dinner or creating smaller floral arrangements that still fit your style. It doesn't hurt to ask!

Am I able to see referrals or speak to past clients of yours? Referrals or references are one of the easiest ways to decide if a particular vendor is the right fit for your event. When reading through or speaking with referrals, ask yourself, “does this event resemble how I want my event to run" and "is there any part of their event that they would want to change if they could?" When it comes to wedding vendors, they more access to referrals, the better!

What is your back-up plan? We often discuss a back-up plan when it comes to the wedding venue. If it rains, we will go inside or if the groom is late, we will push back the timeline for pictures. But this important question is often skipped over when meeting with other vendors such as caterers, rental companies, florists and any day-of wedding help. Be sure to touch on what happens if the vendors are ill the day of the event, have a family emergency or even get stuck in traffic. Do they have a second contact person available in this case? Not only will this question give you peace of mind about who you are choosing to assist with your event, it will also help you to clarify any cancellation policies of the vendor!

There are so many details to remember throughout the wedding planning process! Nothing will put your mind more at ease than knowing you put in your homework while booking vendors. Don’t be scared to ask the tough questions to ensure you choose the best team of people for your event!

As always, a wedding planner is a great resource to help you walk through this process and help you remember the details you may skip over!