out with the old and in with the new: engagement announcements we love!

It happened! That perfect man of yours got down on one knee and asked you to make a forever. Now what?! Your bridal instinct kicks in and makes you want to shout it from all the mountain tops, to show off that beautiful ring on your perfectly manicured finger! The second best part of this very special moment (next to actually saying YES!) is when you get to let all of your friends and family in on what just happened. 

Long gone are the days of the old fashioned phone call or text to tell your squad the good news. We are obsessing over these new and improved ways to announce your engagement that will have all of your favorite people swooning over the moment for years to come!

Including your family pet (my fave!)

Nothing shows off your new family like making sure the WHOLE family is included!

Engagement videos

While we love a precious engagement photo shoot, nothing beats sharing the good news on video! We just can not get enough of this perfect engagement video courtesy of Finding Muchness Films. 

Incorporating a hobby

What better way to spread the news than with a picture of what brings your and your future hubby together! (Hint, hint: this one will get your fiancé involved in a heartbeat!) 

Taking advantage of the season

Can you say pumpkin patches and Christmas lights!? Adding a seasonal flair to your announcement will surely make for great holiday cards!

Adding some personality

After all, this announcement is the beginning of your wedding journey. Add a little pop of what makes you, you!