bring it on, bridal showers!

wedding season is just around the corner and that means a lot of bridal showers are popping up! planning a special day for your best gal? here’s some fun and unique ideas to consider for your event!

questions to consider...

 what are some unique things about the couple?

do they love camping? why not serve “campfire food” as a tribute?
are they nerds to the max? consider incorporating some nerdery fun to the shower!
what do they share a love for?
what are some things that make this couple unique? take that and run with it! this will make the bridal shower special and memorable for your best gal, and unique and enjoyable for the rest of the group!


let’s be honest ladies, the toilet paper dress game is so overdone. it’s time to get some new games in the mix for guests and the bride to enjoy and laugh at!

he says, she says

source: a pair of pears

we now live in a social media frenzy…let’s embrace it! this is a fun game where guests have to guess who said what! take memorable social media posts from the bride and groom and create a game out of it! the guest that guesses the most correctly wins a prize. and remember, that prize should be tailored to something unique about the couple!

bridal jeopardy

 source: pinterest

source: pinterest

ime to play your best alex trebek! take three volunteers or create teams! this will help guests focus on the bride and groom and their love story coming together! a perfect game for a bridal shower and you can make it incredibly cute with just a poster board and some envelopes!

            question ideas:           where did the couple meet?
                                                how long did they date for?
                                                when was their first kiss?



most bridal showers are typically in the mornings, and this had led to a brunch-inspired menu. try to avoid that if you’re planning a bridal Shower if you’re looking to stand out OR make it unique by adding a theme to your brunch (pancakes and pajamas, anyway? i love you a waffle lot?)

some other creative ideas…

tailgate theme:

does the bride-to-be LOVE football? if this is something her and the groom connect on, GO with it!! fun, easy and super filling foods!

sources: pinterest

campfire theme:

maybe the couple is very outdoorsy and loves to go camping! this is a fun idea where you can serve s’mores, trail mix, hot dogs, etc. another easy option for you, and very cute turnout!

 source: evermine

source: evermine

fiesta theme:

 taco’bout LOVE! if the bride fancies all things tacos and burritos, consider a taco and margarita bar rather than a brunch and mimosa bar. you can easily decorate to make it a fiesta and add a piñata and you’re solid!

 source: pretty mayhem

source: pretty mayhem

we hope some of these ideas sparks your imagination and you throw the perfect bridal bash for your number one lady! as always, we design, plan and coordinate so much more than just weddings! if you need a helping hand in the process, contact us now for a free consultation! we customize our packages to meet your needs.

bring on those bridal showers!