what i love about weddings

The question is, what don't I love about weddings? They are my absolute favorite. Here are my top ten favorite wedding moments:
1.) Hearing the song selection for the Bride's big entrance. The song that will forever remind the couple of that moment in time.
2.) The colors! It's so fun to see what creative ideas couples come up with and how they incorporate it into the whole day.
3.) Watching the families come together and rally behind the couple. It's bliss!
4.) The dancing, of course. By the end of the night, it can be pretty entertaining to see the wedding guests completely let loose!
5.) The kiss! The one that completely seals the deal. The anticipation, the excitement, the adornment!
6.) The kiddos--flower girls and ring bearers. Whether they are loving the limelight, or crying fearfully...it's adorable.
7.) The send off! The party is ending, and the couple gets to go begin their life together. Whether it's sparklers, or bubbles, or lots of confetti--they deserve a grand exit!
8.) Cake in the face, anyone?? It's fun to be a see a couple be playful with one another.
9.) First dances. They're so sweet!
10.) My favorite of all-- watching the groom's face as the bride walks down the aisle. It says everything!