meet megan

megan is a lover of all things planning and organization. when she's not busy coordinating weddings or events, you can find her spending time with family and friends, cleaning her house, being outside reading a mystery novel, or cheering on her beloved denver broncos. other hobbies include: dabbling in photography, singing, cooking without onions, and playing mad rounds of catch phrase.

megan's coffee drink of choice: iced tall doppio espresso with two pumps vanilla, a little cream and caramel drizzle. (you're welcome.)


meet tricia

tricia has and always will be a planner and it shows through her excessive use of checklists and calendars. outside of checking off her to-do lists, tricia is often found in the kitchen pretending to cook and snuggling her furry best friend, nova. you may also catch her singing in the shower, loving on her little family of three and guiltily indulging in the latest episode of real housewives.

tricia's coffee drink of choice: caramel macchiato, mmmm. (iced, so she can pretend it's summer all year long!)