selcouth events was absolutely a life saver! we had originally planned on having a friend be the coordinator of my daughter and her (now) husband's wedding day. unfortunately, the morning of the rehearsal, our friend informed us that she was unable to help with what we needed...needless to say, i was in a bit of a panic! we had 275 guests, a park and pavilion to transform into a wedding venue, and less than 24 hours...yikes! 

i called selcouth events, asking her if they would come (last minute) to the rehearsal that evening to get a feel for how we wanted the next day to look, and then to be our coordinator for the ceremony, reception, and all that that entails. they graciously and enthusiastically said, "yes!"

they couldn't have been more amazing!

not only did they come to the rehearsal and talk thru all the details with me, but they showed up at 1pm the day of the wedding to help transform the park and pavilion into the most amazing wedding venue ever!! i never even had to go to the ceremony site for the set up...they directed that single-handedly!

the day of the wedding was even better...they not only made sure we were all in the right places throughout the day, but they communicated with our sound person, our mc, our photographer, our flower gal, our food vendor, and anyone else that needed to be communicated with so that i could just sit back and enjoy being mother-of-the-bride. all of this in less than 24 hours! i literally had to do nothing but visit with people and watch my daughter and her husband celebrate being one!...oh, and dance...yeah, I got to do a lot of that too! :-)

i couldn't have been more pleased with all that selcouth events did...and not only did they perform at an outstanding level, they did it joyfully! looking back now, i see that it was a blessing in disguise that our family friend wasn't able to coordinate that day because i honestly couldn't have imagined my daughter's wedding day without selcouth events at the helm. thank you, you were a gift from God!


when it came to planning my wedding, i was excited but very nervous about all that had to be done. on top of that, we had decided to have our wedding where family was not close by, so my mom and bridesmaids could only help from afar. selcouth events approached me knowing my situation to offer their services.

i literally do not know what I would have done without them!

they were always available, very helpful and understanding, had an amazing spreadsheet to track expenses and just had so much knowledge that i would have never thought of. everything went so smoothly during the wedding ceremony and reception, i feel like i fully got to experience and enjoy every moment of one of the biggest events of my life. all this to say, I recommend selcouth events without hesitation!


selcouth events was incredible. i had originally been trying to cut any unnecessary expenses throughout the wedding planning process and thought that a wedding coordinator fell into the "unnecessary" category. i was so wrong about that. in the few weeks leading up to our wedding, i realized that there were so many little tasks and things to worry about on the day of!  

selcouth events came to my rescue!

they spent the day at our two venue sites and coordinated all of the vendors, ensured that everything from chairs and tables to centerpieces and place cards were set up like i wanted, explained wedding duties to family members, were the go-to contacts for guests, helped facilitate moving 116 people from one venue to another, made sure the timing went smoothly, took care of accommodating plus-ones who showed up uninvited, and so many other things that i'm sure i didn't even have a clue were going on at the time! having selcouth events coordinate all of the day-of tasks allowed me to enjoy my day without worrying or stressing. they were punctual, always two steps ahead of anything going wrong, and were honestly a joy to work with. we were so grateful for everything they did for us! potential chaos was replaced with a smooth and perfect wedding day.


if it can be believed, my wedding day was almost completely stress free!

selcouth events did a spectacular job keeping everyone on time and handled any issues quickly, efficiently and i had no idea when any problems arose.

i was able to enjoy getting ready with my bridesmaids, relax and take in the excitement and love of the day. i highly recommend choosing selcouth events as your wedding coordinators, they are organized, spunky, creative and get it done with a joyful energy.


planning a wedding can be stressful, but i was ready to take on anything. our venue was a complete blank canvas with brick walls and windows everywhere with a beautiful view of the olympic mountains.  knowing i wanted to do everything diy i never imagined how much work it would actually be! even though i’m a very detailed oriented person, the one thing that slipped through the cracks was determining who was actually going to coordinate all the diy items and vendors the day of!

selcouth events not only understood our vision for our wedding, but made our lives so much easier throughout the year leading up to our wedding.

they seamlessly responded to problems that came up and made decisions on the spot that needed to be made that weren’t thought of or given much attention. since our venue was a complete diy, we had a ton of moving parts with different rooms to be set up, which included changing the ceremony room into the reception room quickly. we also had different vendors coming in and out throughout the night, which selcouth events handled so well and made sure everyone knew where to be and when. our wedding day turned out amazing and i was so thrilled with the attention to detail that selcouth events put into the set up and allowed our wedding day to be stress free!

maddie & danno

it's no secret there's lot that goes into planning a wedding, and my wedding was no exception.

with over 150 guests, and less than a year to plan, i was so fortunate to have the help of selcouth events, who stepped in and coordinated the perfect wedding!

not only were they fully involved on the day of my wedding, they supported me in every step throughout the planning process. selcouth events attended meetings with our venue and different vendors, and helped oversee details from centerpieces to the music, i knew that i could trust the ladies at selcouth events in every possible way during this exciting but hectic time! they even joined in on a flash mob my bridesmaids surprised me with! how special! the day of my wedding could not have been more perfect for me and my husband. i know for a fact that my family and i did not have a worry on the day of my wedding because selcouth events did such a seamless job! 



ahhh...hiring a planner at selcouth events is the best investment you can make for your wedding! they were prompt at responding to emails, spent several afternoons with us at the venue, and made sure they knew all of the necessary details of the wedding. the biggest help was that they contacted all of the vendors prior to the wedding to make sure everyone was planning to be where they should be. selcouth events took a huge chunk of stress off myself, as well as everyone else that was helping to make the wedding day happen.

   100% worth the investment!!